How to Upcycle a Vintage Bedside Table With Mosaics

I adore vintage furniture and up cycling to breath new life and love into again! This sad brown 1960’s bedside furniture is no exception so when I saw it in an auction Unloved I snapped it up to get creative with!

(old bedside coffee table)

I begin by cleaning all over and then glue playing paper to the surface. I do this to give me a blank background to create from and also It creates a good key surface for tiles as the material Formica is very slippery.

(Glue surface)

(Paper surface)

I use PVA glue and photocopy paper.

next step I begin laying out some tiles colour options. Design ideas are good to do without glue first to see if they fit.

(Glue tiles)

Once I’m happy with the pattern I begin glue tiles on border.

(Glue tiles)

I have some lovely round tiles which I use to create flowers into my table top.

(Cut tiles)

I like to use triangle pieces to fill into the design background. The 20mm square tiles are easily snapped into half diagonally.

Triangle fill in background)

It’s starting to come together and I love the green turquoise theme.

(Mosaic bedside table top)

I work on the sections one at a time and often turn the piece up so level to work with.

(Mosaic the table sides)

I keep building the design with tiles and patterns.

(Tiling the table)

I keep tiling and let the tiles fix dry overnight before grouting.

(Ready to grout)

The ready mixed black grout is worked into the tile crevices. I use package card or an old credit card works well.


(Spread grout)

When it’s well covered everywhere it’s time to clean off excess grout from surfaces. I use Warm water and cloth or wet wipes are fine and it takes lots of care to get grout off each tile surface.

(Clean grout)

(Clean grout off)

I decide to create a turquoise fluffy inner section and choose some lovely faux fur to glue in the inner shelf.

Soon it’s dry and ready to be adorned!

(Mosaic bedside table)

(Mosaic bedside table)

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