How to Create a Mosaic Love Heart Art! Valentines Day Gift

I wanted to try to make a gift of LOVE that would be a visible reminder all year round! So this is my Love-heart Art to hang on the wall as a visual statement of your heartfelt sentiment!

Heart Shaped Blank canvas

I begin with a blank white canvas and decide which glass tiles will be used in my love heart design.

Mosaic canvas planning tiles and design

I love the creative part of deciding the layout and deciding to drawer the " I heart U " in the centre as template to mosaic over in mirror tiles.

Next I begin sticking bright glittery pink tiles around outer edge to define the heart.

I fill up the outlines and inside using mirror tiles and trying to get the tiles as close together as I can as not grouting this item. No need to cut tiles if you plan the space thoughtfully.

Use Uni Bond PVA adhesive directly onto the canvas and then place the tiles onto the glue. I find this is a more efficient way to work in patches and lines. Then glue mirror tiles around the edge of canvas.

Glue mirror tiles around edge of canvas

And when it is all dry its ready to give your Heart Art to someone and I just love this sparkly shimmery wall art Heart!

If you would like to see more 'how to' blog posts, please let me know! I would love to hear from you. 

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